Website Design Victoria BC is proud to offer their world class website design services to the local market in Victoria BC.

Started in 2001, i3dTHEMES has grown to offer website templates, web hosting, website plugins and apps, plus much more.

At i3dTHEMES, focuses on developing products for the average Small-Business or Personal/Hobby user, looking to have a website with a “Cadillac” look, without the price tag associated with a high-end custom-built solution.

From a humble beginning in a 13×7 workshed, belonging to one of the founders’ of the company, “i3d” has grown many times over (and into larger, air-conditioned, heated, office space).

The principles which the company were founded on — honesty, fairness, quality, value — are the same which drive the company today.

Website Design Victoria BC

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